The Dawson Construction Shop teamed up with the Kamloops Ruff Start Rescue Society this month to help support them in their rescue mission.

Staff donated items which were auctioned off on Facebook from December 10th to December 17th raising a total of $1,112!

Event Organizer, Brenda McGhee said that she was so pleased with the amount of donations that came in from our generous staff and that it was nice to see the whole crew pull together for such a great cause.

“They donated so many items! The items shown in our group photo was only some of what the crews brought in. We had everything from tools and pet items, to collectibles and handmade stained glass. We even had a hand-crafted cutting board personalized with little paw prints, made especially for this auction by our Equipment Maintenance Coordinator, Brad Gerow.”

To learn more about the Kamloops Ruff Start Rescue Society and how you can help (OR ADOPT PUPPIES!), visit their website at