The Dawson Group recognized Dawson Construction with our first-ever Project of the Year Award for their work on the Coquihalla Highway project in 2020. 
Six projects from all the Dawson Group companies were on the list of finalists for this year’s Project of the Year Award, making a tough choice for Dawson Group President and CEO, Yves Lacasse. 

“The crews showed professionalism and expertise on this project, which was completed in an extremely high visibility public location,” Yves said. “The Coquihalla sees tens of thousands of vehicles every year, and our work on this project will be appreciated by travelers for years.” 

Other projects on the list for consideration for the President’s Award this year included: 

  • DRM and Dawson Civil’s repair work on the Highline Road 
  • DRM’s work clearing a major avalanche from Highway 37 in Service Area 25 in 2020 
  • Dawson Civil’s mine work 
  • Dawson Civil’s Revelstoke project 
  • Dawson International Truck Centres Plow Truck Refit Project 
  • Dawson Group’s COVID committee 

With so many outstanding projects to choose from, Yves awarded Dawson Civil’s mining team and the COVID committee with Project of the Year Honourable Mentions.