Most of us are excited to hit the road this summer and explore our amazing province. While you are on the road driving to your activities, please remember to drive safely and avoid distracted driving. Please respect the hard working crews that are busy on our roadways by slowing down and adhering to the posted speed limits within all construction zones. We are all responsible for everyone’s safety on the road.

As of Monday, May 13, Cone Zone returns to keep our crews as safe as possible with the increase in roadside construction and travel on our highways.

Working on the highway – whether it’s as an equipment operator, first responder, flag person or road maintenance staff – is an incredibly dangerous job. Plan ahead and don’t be in a rush while you are on the roads.

Everyone in a work zone is at risk of being struck by traffic or mobile equipment. Over the last decade in B.C., 9 workers were killed in work zones and 239 were injured seriously enough to be off work.

Every roadside work zone is unique. Although some work zone hazards are similar from site to site, some are quite different. Hazards can change very quickly or gradually over the course of the worker’s shift. It is important to always be aware of your surroundings.

The Work Zone Safety Alliance is launching the 14th annual Cone Zone campaign to raise awareness of the risk workers face of being struck by a vehicle at roadside work zones. The campaign reminds employers, workers and members of the public to play their part to help prevent deaths and injuries of roadside workers in B.C.

Let us work together to help ensure all workers return home safe to their families.

For more information about work zone road safety, visit