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Dawson Construction@Dawson1922
June 11

What could you do with $398? This is the fine for using your electronic device while driving in a Cone Zone! Slow d…

June 04

Drivers: Please slow down and pay attention in all roadside work zones. It’s the law:…

June 03

Dawson Construction volunteered at the #Kamloops @BCwildlifepark this past month. Along with completing improvement…


Cone Zone season has arrived. Slow down and pay attention.

Everyday tens of thousands of workers in British Columbia are depending on drivers, like you, to keep control of your vehicle in a Cone Zone. If you are driving through a roadside work zone, you have a legal responsibility to drive safely. Failure to do so can result in penaltie

Lenny Kazakoff is celebrating 25 years with Dawson Construction!

We are extremely proud to share that Lenny Kazakoff is celebrating his 25th year with the Dawson Group. Lenny has been a pillar for the paving division and is a valuable member of our Senior Leadership Team. Lenny currently works as our Manager of Paving and Aggregates for D

Join us in taking a stand against bullying in our workplaces and schools.

Pink Shirt Day in Canada is about more than stopping bullying in schools. While the day has its roots with students, it has grown and expanded to be about so much more! The Dawson Group’s core values are 100 per cent in line with the values shared by Pink Shirt Day! We beli