An ambitious employee early in his career in paving with Dawson Construction eagerly just completed a professional developmental course and is primed for another season of paving.

Daniel Indelicato is approaching his fourth work anniversary in construction. Recently, he just successfully completed his Certificate of Achievement in the Asphalt Plant Course with Clarence Richard Company.

“I really enjoy working with the asphalt teams and would like to stick with it as long as possible. This course provided me an opportunity to grow and learn more about the field I’m in,” said Indelicato, 25.

Born and raised in Kamloops, Indelicato began working with Dawson as a groundman and two years ago, he moved up to help operate the mobile asphalt plants. The six-day course educated him on how to spot problems before them happen, how to diagnose and troubleshoot problems, along with other step-by-step work on the plants.

“It was really great. I was given the chance to learn a lot of new things in my line of work and if I’m going to be around these asphalt guys for a while, it’s definitely a good course for me to take,” said Indelicato.

Indelicato was the first employee from Dawson Construction to enroll and complete the course.

“We looked through the summary of the modules he did and it appeared that they went in-depth and covered a lot of information, which is great for a guy like Dan,” said Terry Wishnowski, Dawson Construction Superintendent. “Daniel is one of our up-and-coming guys, so it’s great to have him learn how to work through problems on the job, learn more about plants and about the safety side of things as well.

Already having worked on paving jobs in Salmon Arm and Chase West, Indelicato is looking forward to putting his new skills to the test this summer when Dawson Construction kickoffs a highway paving project in Merritt.